European Championship

The FIA OFF-Road European Championship has been running since the mid-1970s. It was mainly organised in the countries of the former USSR. It was only at the beginning of the 1990s that several French drivers took part. It is worth noting that Jean Paul Vincendeau, from the Vendée, is a three-time European champion. Since then, several French pilots have also managed to win this coveted title.

5 Categories


The school for future European champions, as they can participate from the age of 12 on 4 wheel drive 600cc buggies.


The only touring category in our race meeting, this is the only event that is included in the French championship.



New to the European Championship, this amazing class with its 900cc motorbike engines is very spectacular...


This is the top category where the engines can reach 4 litre-engine capacity with 700cc. This power to weight ratio makes it a very impressive and coveted category. Very few French riders have won it.

AX BUGGY 1600 

This is the category in which the gaps between the riders are very small, with 1600cc buggies. Our French riders are constantly performing well with no less than 5 champions since 2021.